Day 29. Valdesalor to Casar de Cáceres (11 km by bus, 11 km walking)

Just as in Córdoba on the May 1 long weekend, accommodation logistics have been difficult because of the WOMAD Festival in Cáceres. I knew I would otherwise be bringing up the rear of the day’s walking delegation and possibly arrive to no room at the inn, so I had a leisurely breakfast and got on the local bus to Cáceres from Valdesalor…

I was the only passenger for the 30 minute ride. In the city, it was chilly and windy so I didn’t bother going into the lovely historic centre. Instead I headed straight out toward Casar de Cáceres to secure my bed for the night. A 12 km walk for the day seemed to be totally inadequate.

In town I waited for others to arrive. Now everyone has settled into one of the least comfortable albergues in existence. However there are few alternatives this weekend, and one cannot complain about the price of €5.

Negatives: There are 2 toilets for about 30 people; said toilets are located 2 feet from one unfortunate pair of beds; the clothes drier makes a constant loud high pitch whine; the nearby church bells right every hour and quarter hour.

Positives: There is free wifi. There is a free washer and drier. One always knows what time it is. The price is only €5 for a bed. Things are so bad that people are laughing – it is a bonding experience. The restaurant Bar Majuca, across the street, is excellent.

The view from my bottom bunk, unfortunately without sound effects…

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  1. The joys of walking, lol… still beautiful photos and tomorrow is a new adventure!👣👣👣

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