Day 11. Moclín to Alcalá la Real (24 km)

Lovely walking to start – past some places where both sides in the Spanish civil war were holed up. One can imagine the sniping that could have taken place.

Then we had views of the quintessential Spanish landscape of olive trees.

In a couple of villages we’ve seen communal laundries in good condition but don’t know if they are still used.

Finally into Alcalá la Real. I’ve been told that the castle is well worth going up to, for a couple of hours. However, I was exhausted and decided that I didn’t need this cultural edification today. I admired it from afar while savouring the best ice cream ever.


Private rooms tonight – a luxury!

7 thoughts on “Day 11. Moclín to Alcalá la Real (24 km)

  1. Clare, that is a fabulous shot of the castle with the village below. I most probably would have opted for the ice cream as well! 🙂

  2. I’m really enjoying your posts. Do keep on with them, even though it seems a chore when you are tired from walking. I know – I’ve been there and done that! You will be going through Baena, I think. I was there recently on a group tour of Andalusia and visited an interesting organic olive oil factory. Then we asked on a Via Verde near Dona Mencia. Didn’t see any yellow arrows, though.

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