Day 15. Casar de Cáceres to Cañaveral (33 km)

Today – the dreaded long day past the Embalse de Alcántara – was my favourite yet! However I admit that its status began to decline significantly after 30 km. The first half was a beautiful walk in perfect conditions.

Then we had a bit of adventure and mischief when we chose to ignore the detour caused by highway/train construction. Being Sunday with no work going on, the Spaniards managed to open the gate and 5 of us saved a few kilometers. Good thing our German policeman wasn’t with us.

Then coming down from the hills to the highway around the reservoir got a bit confusing. We walked several km along the highway, over a couple of bridges. After crossing the Rio Tajo there was a path up into the hills again. (That path started with some steps you can see from the highway.) One could stay on the road all the way to Cañaveral,  but I had had enough of the asphalt and opted for uneven rock instead.

One should follow the old Camino path along the fence at the top of the ridge. But English Engineer D and I couldn’t resist exploring the new (abandoned?) highway sections, overpasses, etc. In other words, we got lost! Finally,  on entering Cañaveral,  a little Roman bridge for comparison with the modern ones.

The Albergue de Cañaveral was welcome – maybe the best albergue ever, and the food was delicious too.

5 thoughts on “Day 15. Casar de Cáceres to Cañaveral (33 km)

  1. Hi Clare

    It’s great to follow your camino. I was on this stretch almost a year ago now (sigh…). The weather was atrocious though, including thunder and lightning into Canaveral, which made for a very long day. It’s great to see what the countryside looks like on a good day! Thanks for the posts. Buen Camino!

  2. Heading to the Canaveral albergue todaz, taking the train from Caceres. Had to book the bed two days ago as it has been filling up lately. Taking the train because no buses are running today, holy Thursday.

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