Day 29: Hospital de Orbigo to Santa Catalina de Somoza (26 km)


How to turn a small blister into a big one…

The path was MUCH nicer this morning on the route to Astorga, and it included the Casa de los Dioses where the legendary David is busy as always.


David's famous and welcome refreshment stand

Astorga is where I started my first Camino in 2012 with my sister-in-law N, so I have fond memories. I have now closed the gap and walked every step from St. Jean Pied to Santiago, albeit in two segments.


My small blister was feeling like major expansion was underway and would likely need the major attention that I’ve watched others give to their blisters. I have decided to avoid Compeed and similar products, as I prefer to be able to examine the damage on a daily basis. (For the uninitiated, Compeed should be left covering the blister for days, until it fuses with the skin and falls off. If you try to remove it earlier, you rip all the skin off. Unpleasant.) I shopped in Astorga and loaded up with iodine (I had given away my antiseptic to another pilgrim),  antibiotic cream (which I had forgotten at home), Vaseline (which I was previously using as anti-friction aid, but I’d run out), AND a kilo of salt for soaking in hot salted water. It is hard to buy a smaller amount of salt! Four weeks into my walk, an extra kilo or 2 in my backpack is not so important. (I am also carrying an interesting book that I found at the albergue yesterday.) With that stuff I plodded another 10 km.

The walk out of Astorga was interesting as I remembered our 2012 start on the Camino.  I also thought about Denise Thiem and her tragic day in April this year.

Finally I stopped at Albergue El Caminante in Santa Catalina de Somoza,  where a number of mostly all younger pilgrims were installed in the chairs outside the bar/cafe.


I happily requested a private room with bath for €20. Nothing fancy about the room, but it totally meets my needs and the building is very pleasant. Excellent value!


I devoted an hour or so to my bathing, laundry, and blister treatment, before going downstairs for dinner.

An altogether satisfying day.

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  1. I stayed there in 2014, in one of those upstairs rooms. Lovely spot! A group of us went to eat at another albergue just up the road, where an enterprising American lady had negotiated a reduced price with the owner if she could bring 10 people!

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