Day 17: Atapuerca to Burgos (20 km)

Here is a garden rendition of my favourite work of art – Las Meninas by Velasquez…


I took the “green” river route to enter Burgos.  The directions I wrote last year are still valid. But I’ll add a few comments:

There was major mud for about a km after the turnoff from the highway. That was very tiring, but provided the childlike entertainment of playing in puddles/gravel/grass, trying to clean my boots with one walking stick while balancing with the other. Walking alone gives an opportunity to do things without adult self-consciousness. At that point, there was no lovely scenery, or noble purpose. Just the personal challenge of having zero responsibility and scraping off mud for the fun/challenge on a sunny day.


The first section of green along the river is rather isolated and I didn’t see another person until the first pedestrian crossing from the city. From there, it was wide paths with many walkers. I’d consider turning right at Castanares and walking on the road until the next pedestrian bridge (if I could find it).

My feet were very sore and tired by the time I trudged up the street to the hotel where I stayed last year – Hotel Jacabeo has a pilgrim’s rate of €29 (€35 on some days) for a private room with bath. Great luxury but I find it’s still best to use earplugs. I’m slowly getting used to sleeping with them!)