Day 8: Cirauqui to Estella (14.1 km)


I was hoping to go a little further today but after a poor night’s sleep and some new suspicious itchy spots, the priority became finding good laundry facilities by the end of the day. Estella is a major stopping point and the municipal albergue is great – again, clean and efficient. I have just spent €6 on my bed and €10 on the coin laundry. Excellent valu! My improved packing organization has helped make bedbug-management  easier.


Outside in the back building are the laundry machines

The Senior Spanish Sisters (SSS) have arrived and we decided that our section 9th the room should be reserved for women over 65!

I don’t have many photos from today so I’ll try to post a video from yesterday. Two Spanish women tested the acoustics in the chapel at Eunate.


3 thoughts on “Day 8: Cirauqui to Estella (14.1 km)

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the video clip. My daughter and I walked here but didn’t realize it was closed on Mondays. We did get to enjoy the peace and quiet while walking around outside for at least 20 minutes before a tour bus showed up.

    I just sent her the video clip link because she loves to sing and I am sure she will appreciate the singing and the acoustics.

    Her name is also Claire, just spelled differently.

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