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20151011_105039Read this only if you like packing posts!

The photo shows my stuff ready to go to the airport – backpack alongside a flat shoulder pouch with my valuables and guidebook, and a separate bag that I will check in for the flights and then discard when I arrive. The checked bag has my walking sticks, knife, and sleeping bag (to reduce the bulk of my backpack, which I’ll carry-on with all my other things). I’ll also carry a light “string” backpack to hold the things I want handy during the flight. When I’m walking, the backpack will be be filled to the top.

My wardrobe consists of layers such that on a very cold day I will be wearing almost everything. On a hot day I will be carrying most of it. Here’s my list, with weights in grams, for those fellow fanatics who are interested.

Wear Boots – Salomon waterproof mid-height, with custom inner soles 850
Socks and underwear 145
Top – Lightweight technical shirt, long sleeves 150
Top – Long-sleeved medium shirt (180 g) 180
Top – Light long-sleeved zip fleece, if necessary 300
Pants – Runners tights 275
Visor to keep sun/rain off glasses 70
Walking poles (Black Diamond Ultra Distance) 265
Passport, credit/bank cards, medical info, reserve cash – hidden 80
Pouch Pouch/purse containing the following: 100
Map book, credencial 130
Smart phone, in protective case 270
Notebook, pen, pencil 55
In Pack Osprey Talon 33 (S/M) backpack with some gear ties & caribiners 900
Attached or in outside pockets of pack:
Knife, whistle, pen, safety pins 75
Merino wool buff 50
Gloves (2 pairs very light; one pair goes inside with spare clothes) 50
Plastic bottle of water 300
Umbrella (150g); pack rain cover (80g) 230
Plastic slip-on shoes – for easy access on arrival 175
At top inside pack, in plastic bag, ready for weather:
Jacket – waterproof breathable 310
Pants waterproof breathable 250
Green Day Bag 1 – Top pouch of pack: Phone charger, adaptor, ear buds. First aid (Advil, antiseptic wipes, bandaids, toe tubes, tape, moleskin, antiseptic, polysporin, folding scissors, needles & thread, nail clippers), kleenex, t.paper, small plastic bags, large plastic bag, spork, safety pins, bandana, lipgloss, sunscreen, pencil, pen 500
Towels (1  facecloth 42g, 1 microfibre 80g) 120
Dry Bag to isolate night things during day: 85
Sleeping bag (Hotcore Cooper R7) 900
Mattress cover (netting, treated for bedbugs) 30
Water-proof case for phone 50
Pillowcase/bag (holding next day clothes) 35
Shirt for sleeping or warmth – Merino long sleeve/d 100
Long johns for sleeping or warmth – Merino 140
Down zip vest for evening, night, freezing days, or pillow 200
Dry bag to enclose back pack (protect from bedbugs) at night 85
Dry Bag to hold spare clothes: 55
Pants (regular – long) 235
Silk scarf 25
Socks – 3 spare pairs 135
Underwear – 2 pairs, 1 bra 115
Drawstring backpack for city use 60
White Bag 2 – Toiletries: Toothbrush/paste, floss, comb, hair gel, tissues, panty liners (also good to prevent blisters on ball of feet), medications, soap in mesh bag & plastic case, skin cream, vaseline, gear tie for hanging things, flashlight 500
Orange Bag 3 – Misc. extras: Kleenex; pencil wrapped with duct tape: spare eyeglasses, pole tips; “what if” first aid and medicines (elastic bandage, decong., cipro, diarrea, nausea, antihist, antihist cream, excema cream), memory stick 225
Snacks; extra water occasionally 400
TOTAL IN BACKPACK (grams) 6335
TOTAL (pounds) 13.9

14 thoughts on “My backpack – ready to go

  1. Glad to come across this. My daughter and I walked the Camino in 2013 but I ended up with plantar fasciitis and had to bail at Santo Domingo.

    Trying to convince my husband he needs to do something like this and every day on our walks I talk a bit about the camino and slowly he is coming around to understanding the draw.

    Thinking of doing a fall walk next time so I will be following along to see the difference between fall and spring. When we went in 2013 it was near the end of May and we had rain for 2 weeks and even a bit of snow on day 2.

    Your list looks good to me!

    • I guess you’ll have to weigh every little item like I did. When I checked in yesterday I weighed the main pack – it was 5 kg, and I had 1.5 kg in my checked bag. That included some snacks. So, it’s about right.

    • The most important NR in your life…

      Still impressively light, although I guess your heart rate isn’t getting too high and it won’t be too hot. I don’t subscribe to it either, clearly taking after you.. I remember 8L was suggested by the ranger for Mt Whitney as the average consumption total (over 2 days – drinking only – and it can get quite hot). I consumed barely 2L…

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