Welcome, 2015

I’ve been thinking about posting, but decided “No one is interested in what little I have to say.” Then I say “Well, they don’t have to read.” So I will ramble on a little, mainly to say hello and Happy New Year. My blog address isn’t called “trite tales” for nothing.

I am happily looking forward to 2015. My one specific New Year’s resolution is to walk 50 km every week. In the past 4 weeks I’ve done 71, 60, 51 and 75 km. Not bad!

My husband thinks walking is just too slow. He suggests that I take up tennis again. (I was a lousy player. Do you think I might have improved with age?) I will give it a try when the weather improves.

My travel plans for 2015 will depend on whether I’m doing part-time work that interferes with prime walking season. I am seriously considering at least one of

  • Via de la Plata (1000 km in Spain) in spring or fall
  • Camino Frances (800 km in Spain) in the fall
  • Hadrian’s Wall (135 km across northern England) or another of the National Trails

The first day of 2015 was a beautiful day for a walk to the beach. Looking south…


Looking in the other direction, I took a photo of the Polar Bare Swim (it being Nude Years Day). What a way to blot the landscape! I thought the Canadian flag was an odd but patriotic touch.



12 thoughts on “Welcome, 2015

  1. Clare, that weekly km count is impressive. My goodness you must be an obsessive! (And very fit!) Good luck this year. I’m sure it will be wonderful for you. Bill

  2. You should! It is quite the trek.

    Doesn’t have quite the historical significance as your other treks. It’s extensive history only dates back to 1975.

  3. Keep writing. I am enjoying the post. I too want to continue the walking. I like the ideas you have for your future walks…..

  4. I read every post of your blog although I do not always comment. I enjoy it so much. I think walking is the best. It doesn’t put any stress on any part of your body as other activities tend to do. Plus I can think! And say hello to my neighbors (quickly). And even better if someone comes along with me (besides my dachshund).
    Thinking of you….Candyce

  5. I am not much “a reader”. But I always look at photos. I have long term walk plans. 2016 PCT. I started my training. 8 miles yesterday. Love you clare you are inspiration to me.

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