Oh Christmas tree, oh…

I’m enjoying Christmas these years with no young children around the house. That means I can do as much or as little (usually the latter) as I feel like in the third week of December. Any earlier would be rushing things. My sister once said, in response to my poor attitude, that she was surprised ANY of my kids ever bothered to come home for Christmas.

A big windstorm a week or two ago resulted in lots of fallen branches in the neighbourhood. One day after a walk, my husband and I dragged home a large branch. I chopped off the end and let it rest on the driveway for a few days, while I pondered its fate.


Today our son and his girlfriend (an enthusiastic and energetic Christmas participant) were coming by. So I had to accelerate the Christmas preparations in order to put up a good appearance for the family. I popped the branch into a Grecian urn, resulting in a semblance of a Christmas tree. With a serious gap in the middle, though…


I remembered a co-worker whose father apparently used to get two scrawny Christmas trees and tie them together for a thicker look.

A little creative cosmetic surgery was in order for my tree. No problemo! Bring out the twist ties!20141221_131041

I think this looks almost respectable for a Christmas tree. I admit that the view from the side is a little different. Also, please notice the companion centrepiece, made from garden cuttings.


What do you think? Will this bring the youngest kid home from New Zealand for Christmas? (Just kidding, N, I am not expecting you home!)


Nice job!







5 thoughts on “Oh Christmas tree, oh…

  1. I really enjoyed this story. The ‘tree’ composite looks great by itself – actually quite elegant in its urn. I particularly love the ‘companion centrepiece’, just beautiful, since I do the same [see FB pics of porch botanical arrangement]. And choosing to do as much or little as you wish is such a relief – a pleasure in itself! Enjoy and bask in it. 🙂

  2. Tempting… I’ll probably have to move back in with you next year to save money so, save your energy for next year 😉

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