Movie review: Goin’ Down the Road (1970) and Down the Road Again (2011)

Goin' Down the Road

Goin' Down the Road 1970 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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On the flight to Montreal (5 hours) I watched 2 movies:

  • Goin’ Down the Road (1970) – “Produced for $27,000… among the last great flowerings of what might be called NFB downer naturalism.”  (Isn’t that an evocative piece of Canadian prose by Stephen Cole in the Globe and Mail?) Elsewhere it is described as a story of desolation – 2 Cape Breton boys going to Toronto and encountering failure.
  • Down the Road Again (2011).  This is a sequel by the same director Donald Shebib, with 2 of the main characters playing the same roles 40 years later and 40 years older. This is were redemption comes in.

Here is a more complete review by a Toronto film blogger and an article in Macleans .  Wikipedia says about the 1970 film was voted in 2002 by readers of Playback as the 5th greatest Canadian film of all-time. I have no idea of what the other 4 were.

Together the 2 movies made a very charming tear-jerking pair. I loved them, and was one of the last people to get off the plane because I had to see the ending.

I put this pair on my favourite-movie list with Carts of Darkness, Buena Vista Social Club, and Elvira Madigan.