Breaking news: Family history

Charles Waddell Bailey, presumed son of Charles Douglass Waddell

Lying in bed this morning, I lazily checked my email on my ever-handy iPhone. Suddenly I bolted up in excitement. (The truth is that I continued to lie lazily, but my brain did perk up.)

I had received by email, a blog comment from a hitherto unknown half-second-cousin-once-removed, who found my post about Charles Douglass Waddell, who happened to her great-grandfather. He was the man who impregnated but did not marry my great-great-grandmother. However, I am willing to let bygones be bygones and be friends with my new cousin.

This photo is my great grandfather, whose father was never confirmed. He was given the middle name Waddell, and family rumour was that the father was named Waddell.

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