Vancouver is #3, again


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This morning’s glance at the news on my phone revealed that Vancouver is #3 on a list of the  Worst-Dressed Cities in the world – and only because we are held responsible for the success of Lululemon and the propogation and misuse of yoga pants everywhere. Needless to say, I was unmoved by that information. As Pete McMartin reveals, Vancouverites are PROUD of their fashion sense.

This fuss also illustrates the truth of child pyschology that people prefer negative attention to being ignored. (The best way to stop bad behaviour is to ignore it rather than criticise it.)

Anyway, the critics are all wrong about the fashionability of Vancouverites. Here is proof:

These are NOT yoga pants!

Those are not my legs. (Mine are  skinnier.) And just so you know, metallic gold jeggings with army boots will be the next hot fashion trend. At least, in Vancouver. (My stylist told me so.)

9 thoughts on “Vancouver is #3, again

  1. Strangely, I haven’t seen mention of Birks in the write-ups this week. Likely, the generation who wears Lululemon wears Crocs instead and I don’t think socks with crocks is a statement that has been made. At the office we thought we should declare a day when we would all proudly wear yoga pants, hoodies and crocs. We could add the socks as a trial.

    See how we thrive on the negative attention?

  2. What is really going on here is that Vancouver has fought its way onto the list of most noticeably-dressed cities. Best, worst, doesn’t matter, same practical effect, as Clare so Clarely notes. So Vancouverites should feel either proud – or worried, depending on their individual views of an ideal place to live. Personally, I have enough to think about without having to worry about the reputation of my home town into my already vexed decisions about which of my remaining clean clothes for the week to put on in the morning. The very sensible Swiss would be happy to never make such a list, at either end.

    Sorry, suffering mild logorrhea. Be better tomorrow.

    And (out of piqued curiosity) who is KB, and why might he pose?

  3. When it comes to dressing, Vancouverites are not a world-class city. However, I try and do my part to help move us onto the right list. And yes, those are my gold jeans. I don’t know how much skinnier the blogger’s legs are…she should pick up a pair.

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