Buying a bathing suit

Bathing dress from 1858

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I don’t swim much – almost never, in fact. And I don’t wander about in my bathing suit any more than absolutely necessary. Even so, every few years it is necessary to get a new bathing suit so that I can participate in the expected water-based activities of a tropical  vacation. So, the other day when I walked by a bathing suit store and had no more urgent business, I decided to bite the bullet and do it.

My criteria are quite basic: high in the front to hide the ravages of time, gravity and necessary surgery; high in the back to hide general wear and tear; fitting well enough to hold its position in turbulent waters; and not too expensive considering how little joy it brings me.

I found one that met the bill, quickly bought it and got on my way. No, I am not planning to post a photo of it.

This Victorian style with more leg coverage would be even more flattering but, like the burqini, would take up too much space in my luggage. However, it could serve well for the opera in the evening after a swim, as long as it dries quickly. In fact, it would be an all-purpose outfit that could accommodate many hidden pockets and I would not need to carry any bags at all. I think I can accomplish that, though, with a less voluminous outfit. Rolf Potts went around the world for 6 weeks or so with no luggage, but he had 18 pockets in his vest.

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  1. I rushed to view this even though I dont really have the time right now……………………booooooo no photograph

  2. I’m having trouble figuring out if this “too cool” comment from Phyllis is sarcastic or not.. Seeing as its going to be 28 degrees this weekend and we are not even three weeks into spring.. (mind you this weekend is supposed to be an anomaly..

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