Vacation weekend in Vancouver

Walking down the community garden path

We spent the long end-of-summer weekend holidaying in Vancouver, staying at the son’s apartment.

We even spent an extra night, so I went directly to work from there this morning. I felt slightly naughty for showing up at work in the same clothes I had worn on Friday, not having been home in the interim!

It was a beautiful summery weekend and we:

  • Walked along a path through community garden plots
  • Walked along the False Creek seawall

Returning from tennis and the markets

  • Looked at mysterious foods in Chinatown

Entrance to Chinatown

Dried sardines (?)

  • Bought heritage tomatoes and potatoes at a farmers market

Ready for dinner

  • Bought salmon one day at the Granville Island market
  • Bought halibut one day at the market
  • Grilled the above on the barbeque
  • Visited the tennis courts where we met, and saw some of the SAME people playing as 30 years ago
  • Bought a new bathing suit for me.

Some of the above activities deserve blogs on their own, but I don’t have time to do it now. Spending the weekend away from the laptop and wifi, with only my phone which was approaching the data maximum for the month, meant that I didn’t do any blog preparation. I am trying to pace myself with 2 posts each week (Wednesday and Saturday mornings).

Today I’ve presented a few photos, which has taken an INORDINATE amount of time, so my plans to write about bathing suit shopping and geriatric tennis will have to wait.

I’m not sure what my problem was – maybe posting photos in combination with the  bulleted lists. Sure wasted my evening! Hope you enjoy a little bit.