Hellooooo! Barbara Tfank, can you hear me?

In fact, this post is about the wonders of the internet, combined with my atypical recent interest in fashion. I was browsing around clicking on links on interesting blogs, and ended up on a site I wouldn’t typically get to – Mrs. O – a site devoted to Michelle Obama’s style. There was Mrs. O…

Official White House Photos by Pete Souza and Samantha Appleton

wearing  a dress by one of her (apparently) favourite dress designers – Barbara Tfank. Well, I don’t think there are many Barbara Tfanks in the world, and a little research leads me to be confident that she was a friend and house-mate of mine during long-ago days in Venezuela.

Maybe Barbara will read this and her people will contact my people!

4 thoughts on “Hellooooo! Barbara Tfank, can you hear me?

  1. I will need something special to wear for my next anniversay celebration. So if you hear from Barbara……..It should be light and quick dry.

    • I will let you know! Maybe we should build New York fashion week into our travel plans one of these years.

  2. At first I thought it was a typo. You really need to track this woman down. I’m sure she would be thrilled at the prospect of not only dressing the First Lady but also a blast from the past.

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