Humility and skinny jeans

Most of you who have ever tried on clothes in a store dressing room will understand the meaning of the word “humility.”

I’ve been quite pleased with myself in my  recent dressing room experiences, because I have lost 10 pound of blubber, mainly around my middle. Still have about 5 pounds, but my body type is not about to fundamentally change at this stage of my life, so I’m happy.

I need new blue jeans. So 2 days in a row I have savoured trying on a size or two smaller than before. The only damper to the experience has been that my sciatic nerve has been bothering me (too much working in the garden on recent weekends). This means that I must carefully bend over in the tiny fitting room to remove my shoes, then balance carefully on one foot while I slip my other foot into the skinny jeans. OK so far, but THEN, two days in a row !!!!!!!! my foot in the jeans cramps up and I have to stop the whole procedure, to flex my foot on the floor to ease the cramp. That is a reminder – just in case I should be tempted to wear stylish skinny jeans with some 6″ heels – that only sensible shoes are in my future. Other than the shoes, this is exactly what I looked like. (Yeah, I know, I did have to crop the photo to remove the bare midriff which was not  quite the same as mine.)

I have a cold, as well, and it is supposed to rain this weekend, so I plan to rest up. Maybe shop some more, since I haven’t found these exact jeans.

3 thoughts on “Humility and skinny jeans

  1. You know, there IS a fate worse than fat. You’ve got to be careful with those jeans. Just because you have skinny legs doesn’t mean they suit you. It is scary when you are browsing through a store and half-notice a woman who appears, at a glance, to be slim and stylish. Maybe she is turned away and bent over to check out something. Then she turns around to full view and you see she is an OLD lady, dressed in the latest with hair and make-up suitable for a young cocktail waitress (Correct that to “bar-server-person” or whatever). So the challenge is this: to find a compromise between the style of your youth and prime, and the style of today. Sure you can go to the “mature” style of today, but then you cast your lot in with the cruise-and-Tilley-hat group. Tough decisions face us!

  2. I had that very experience recently while looking for pants. …. the old shop assistant dressed in the latest trying to persuade me that I should buy a smaller size. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that I didn’t really WANT to look like her.

  3. Come to Melbourne mom, great shopping here and I will assist you!!

    I know, im not helpful in the slightest..

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