Sauerkraut soup

My sister-in-law, daughters and I took the bus to the next town where there is a museum made up of a set of traditional old houses that were moved from the hillsides and assembled in a little wooden town. In summer there are folkloric festivals with singing and dancing and lots of people.

It was pretty bleak on a winter afternoon but we had tickets to a concert at 4 pm. So we ate in the traditional restaurant on the site.

I ordered sauerkraut soup, which came with a dollop of sour cream and slice of rye bread. It was so attractive that, right after this photo was taken, my camera leapt out of my hands and straight into the soup. I was not pleased, given that my last camera jumped into the Amazon. I grabbed it out quickly and wiped it with napkins. A was sure it would be fine since the camera was closed and the soup was good and thick. She was right. The camera works and the soup was delicious.

The concert was with piano-sized hammer dulcimer, violins, bass guitar and singing. It was quite good and ended just in time for us to run to catch the bus back here.