My husband has been to two funerals since he came – an uncle on each side of his family. On Monday we were picked up for the 90 minute drive to Zlin for the second one, an uncle I have met a number of times. Most of the way there, we had some time to spare and were stuck behind a horse trailer so we pulled over in a gas station to wait.

The driver had noticed a lack of power but thought it was due to having 4 adults in a little Fiat Panda. However he found that the wheel nuts were too hot to touch on one wheel. So the driver was on his knees removing the wheel and then hammering at the brakes which

were frozen. Here is a photo of everyone from the rear! Eventually we got things functioning and went off to the funeral, using only the hand brake and running a few yellow lights. We screeched up to the chapel just in time.

After the short service (not a religious one) we walked over to look at the gravesite and then close family (including us) gathered at a restaurant. On entering we were each presented with a shot of

supposedly award-winning slivovicz which was actually not bad after the first sip. Since we complimented the maker, he promptly gave us a bottle! So far we have 2 litres and I think we’ll refuse any more.We had a good meal, including more of my favourite sauerkraut soup and then came home without further event.

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