Met up with ship-mates on the Merak

This afternoon we met the other people who will be on our 4-day cruise – 2 Australians, 2 Dutch, 1 Irish, and us. We were taken to lunch and then to the tortoise area here on Santa Cruz Island. Saw about 6 or 8 giant tortoises, including one blocking the road on the way in to the reserve. On the way out, some cows were blocking the road. (I would have liked a photo of the two together, but it didn´t happen.) Now we have an hour free in town before we meet at the dock and board the Merak.

On Monday morning the boat will take some of us to the airport (some are staying on the boat for 4 more days and they´ll go to different islands) and we fly to Guayaquil.

Today it has been overcast all day. I´m glad we went to Tortuga Bay beach yesterday when it was mostly sunny. The photos are much better in the sun.