Day 12. Rest day in Cuenca

For starters, if you want to learn about the city of Cuenca, I recommend Google or Wikipedia, but make sure you get Cuenca in Spain, not in Ecuador. I will not be giving you any information!

We had a lazy day. Started late, glanced at the cathedral,looked over the ravines. The zip line was closed, so couldn’t do that.

A couple of free museums – ho hum, but we wandered through and made silly comments, especially about the abstract art.

Later, ate well at the restaurant de los Tintes. Then wandered further, stopping in a bar to get out of a thunderstorm. Then went to an information meeting of the local Camino association, where we got various tips for the days to come.

4 thoughts on “Day 12. Rest day in Cuenca

  1. Looks like a wonderful rest day with lots of camaraderie.
    Have to ask the question but happy to wait until you’re home to reply.
    —- Q. The zip line ‘closed’ – I’ve seen mentioned in Laurie’s FP too. Are you both being facetious about doing it if it had been open? I would definitely not be in the queue.
    I would probably end up with another shoulder dislocation. 🤪🤪🤪

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