Off to a Stumbling Start

No physical stumbles yet, fortunately, but some challenges of my own making!

This morning I was standing at the bus stop, backpack on, everything organized for 5 weeks away from home, setting off for the airport. The bus came into sight, I pulled my pass out of my pocket, and looked down at my feet. These shoes have white soles. But hey, they should have black soles (like the photo).

YIKES! These are my old shoes and I have a 600 km walk ahead. I MUST have my new shoes that I have been saving almost a year for this purpose, and they are at home waiting by the front door.

Quick calculation… having prepared well (except for putting on the right shoes), I knew there was another express bus in 25 minutes, and it would still get me to the airport on time. It is a 10 minute walk each way back home. I  can do it!

So I did it – hurried home, changed my shoes, and arrived back at the bus sweaty and frazzled but relieved that I had averted a major disaster. My shoes are a very specific model that is no longer available, so I bought 4 pairs last year when the lousy new/redesigned one came out.

The rest of the trip was smooth, although those cramped overnight flights can be excruciating.

Arrived in Madrid at 11 a.m., got train to Chamartín station, and fast train to Valencia. Stopped by the pilgrims’ office to get a credential and a cute little pilgrim pin.

Then on to the next critical task, which was to get a Spanish SIM card for my phone. That was fairly straightforward except that my jet-lagged brain got my credit card PIN wrong 3 times, locking that card. Which created a new task – some time on the phone to get my PIN reset.

4 thoughts on “Off to a Stumbling Start

  1. Thank goodness for the knowledge that advance planning brings. Hopefully you have put all stumbles behind you.

  2. It seems as though you got all the problems out of the way and the rest should be clear sailing (well I really mean walking!) Bon Camino Clare, Ultreia!

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