Day 1. Ponferrada to Santalia del Bierzo (15.5 km)

That’s about 3 km more than the guides say, but I’ve decided to give my own distance, when I measure it.

I took my time getting started, and took my time en route, because my AirBnB host (Guty) wasn’t available until 3:30 pm. So, I literally stopped to smell numerous roses and look at flowers, fruit trees (cherries, apples, pears), grape vines, and garden plots. I even read the notice boards in the 3 or 4 villages. Most people would be pushing through to cover more distance. One pilgrim passed while I was sitting on a rock just off the path, and another – José from Lugo – gave me these 2 little dangly things for my backpack.

The walk today was pleasant – mid 20s, with some cloud, no big hills, and lots of spring growth

Here in Santalia del Bierzo, this AirBnB is a quirky old house. I asked how old the house is, but Guty just said “old.” Not gentrified with private bathrooms, charging stations in every room, level floors, or tight-fitting doors. As far as I can tell there are 2 AirBnB bedrooms, Guty’s, and one tiny bathroom – but it is rather cute..

I have toured the garden – I always like to see and discuss the plantings and local gardening practices when I travel. I clucked to the chickens. There is a dovecote (new word of the day – “palomar”) that is being renovated to be rented out. I just heard some horses neighing and looked outside to see 4 on the property next door. The environment is very peaceful and I’m glad to be staying here.

Guty is very nice. She has just prepared a delicious supper for me – all locally or home made – squash soup, salad, tortilla, roasted peppers, cecina, and wine.

That’s about it, for now!

6 thoughts on “Day 1. Ponferrada to Santalia del Bierzo (15.5 km)

  1. I am happy to read news from you again.
    Want to walk Camino Invierno this October, so I will follow your steps. Have a nice Trip.
    Buen Camino,

  2. Did the roses smell? I have been disappointed to smell so many roses and rarely get a scent. I was told by an elderly señora that the new hybrid roses have no smell, but the “rosas de siempre” from time immemorial do. Great pictures, great start!

  3. For some reason I couldn’t see the pictures yesterday. What a great start. Love the dovecote! Buen camino amiga.

  4. Clare, zdravím Tě na cestě a obdivuji Tvou odvahu tohle absolvovat.
    Ludmila a Jan

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