Day 23. Castuera to Campanario (24 km)

Spanish towns know how to clean up after a fiesta, but we got out before the street cleaners.

Today, M and M were veering off to explore a new Camino route through Trujillos. You can follow them at We all said tearful goodbyes, but 10 minutes later we ran into each other again in the first open bar. However, that was treated as an ordinary ephemeral camino encounter, and we moved on quickly.

It was a great walk on good tracks, with a variety of scenery – mysterious road signs, shepherd and his flock, a granite farm (there must have been a quarry but I couldn’t see it.


In Campanario we took photos with the “traffickers of Campanario” (maybe “merchants” would be a better translation) where N had been waiting hours for the slowpokes.


Finally, about 2.5 km past town we stayed in the albergue in an old train station building. The train still comes by, and stops. This proved to be too great a temptation for N, who decided to end her camino and go to Mérida and Málaga for a few days before heading home.


5 thoughts on “Day 23. Castuera to Campanario (24 km)

  1. Clare, I love your hat! The pink is fabulous!! If you don’t mind sharing would you tell me the brand it is, I have not ever been able to find a hat that I like, but that one is exactly what I have been looking for.

  2. It has turned out to be a very good hat – the brim holds its shape in different positions yet the hat rolls up and packs without problem. It is Outdoor Research, in a size Large.

  3. Yay, came to your blog quite late but have binged on it in order to catch up with you. Beautiful photos. Glorious scenery to walk through. Buen camino.

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