Day 21. Hinojosa del Duque to Monterrubio de la Serena (32 km)

Today was my first 30+km day on this camino – I’ve wimped out on prior “opportunities” but today I felt pretty good – blisters are improving and the weather was great.

The day started with Aussie-M organizing us with military precision for a sunrise photo.

Scenery was wonderful with wildflowers in profusion. An abandoned railway station was a good lunch stop.

The last 12 km were on an asphalt road but with very little traffic. The scenery and wildflowers continued. Many people hate walking on asphalt but I find it easier than walking on uneven rocky surfaces, although it does get a bit tedious. I got “into the zone” with walking sticks pounding, motivating music in my earbuds, sunglasses protecting from the glare, hat pulled low (Even though the hat is pink, I felt quite stylish).

Sublime scenery. There is something special about the clarity of Spanish oak trees (or olives or fields of tilled soil) against the Spanish sky. I don’t know the artistic vocabulary. Maybe it is just the result of delirium and dehydration after 20 or 30 km, but it IS special…

Less than sublime entry to Monterrubio de la Serena, but every town needs a working end…

Approaching the more scenic centre, with the usual church, bar, old men gathering…

I stayed in a hotel room that did not merit a photo.

6 thoughts on “Day 21. Hinojosa del Duque to Monterrubio de la Serena (32 km)

  1. You sound super upbeat! Glad you had such a good day.

    Marie-Anne Desjardins

  2. Fair… my music playlists are also varied and private, ha.

    I can’t seem to “reply” to your comment..

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