Day 8. La Peza to Quéntar (28 km)

We had a tough day – my longest yet, this year, at about 28 km. It was interesting, having some of almost everything – steep climbs, steep descents, asphalt road, dirt tracks, river beds, pine forests, orchards, and a huge limestone quarry. The only thing missing was a bar. Now we are installed in a 3-bedroom townhouse in Quéntar. Others are in the hotel and a guest house, since there is no albergue. The Association people have been SO helpful! Paco was out on the trail today painting arrows.

3 thoughts on “Day 8. La Peza to Quéntar (28 km)

  1. Thanks for your updates! In the photo of the trees being tapped, are they collecting pine sap for turpentine?

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