Will the excitement never end?! – part 2

I thought my last post was so boring that I wouldn’t post again on this trip. However, I can’t resist. This is like the antithesis of the trend (in which I admit participation) to post spectacular views, gorgeous meals, and thrilling experiences.

We hang around in the morning, doing crosswords, checking Facebook, pondering our energy levels, drinking motel coffee and getting motel breakfast if provided. Then we pack everything into the vehicle and consult google maps to navigate out of the town. Traffic has not been too bad, although there are always some summer construction jobs. Those can be interesting too. 20170811_100929

The day is quite predictable. Drive, drive, drive… Look at the smoggy view. Imagine what it might be like on a clear day. Search for radio reception. Observe traffic and road work. Stop somewhere for lunch. Arrive in town for the night, and drive circles around until we agree on a place to stay.

One of today’s highlights was a leisurely stop in 100 Mile House (population 1,886) which exceeded our expectations by miles (maybe even 100). We did the obligatory circles, zeroing in on the older part of downtown. My sister likes to pretend she lives in the towns she visits, so she went into the bank to pay a bill. Then we spent an hour in a very nice clothing store, but found nothing that fitted and shouted “ME”. (It is funny how those two conditions rarely co-exist.) Next door was a lovely new/used bookstore. The retired history librarian (aka sister) goes straight to the back room of such stores to see what out-of-print local history memoirs are on the shelf. We emerged from there with just 1 book.20170811_112843Next stop was Williams Lake. Being larger (population 10,000 or so) we didn’t do such a thorough inspection. However, my sister has an affinity for Salvation Army Thrift Stores and considers them to be sources of anthropological information about a community. So, there we were, browsing the thrift store. This one had an excellent supply of books and I emerged with 4, having spent only $1.00. 20170811_132657

What is better on a road trip than an A&W Teenburger? The setting was convenient to the highway, and slightly up above the smoky smog.

Back on the road. We saw the army coming home from fighting forest fires.20170811_145141

Final stop for the night was Prince George. We became very familiar with the circular approaches to our selected motel, from all directions.

We then overate in the buffet next door, and resolved to fast all the next day. Well except for a few necessities.20170811_075432