Day 40: Palas de Rei to Ribadiso (25 km)

The subject of today’s post is WET. That should be no surprise when you put the words Galicia and November together. Same as Vancouver and November. No Camino would be complete without a long wet day.

The photos cannot communicate the overall dampness, boot-squishiness, rain-jacket-claminess and fogged-up glasses of the day. It was cool (about 8C) but fortunately not cold and not too windy. Here I am…


After arrival at the nice Albergue Caminante, where NY-J and I snatched up the 2 private rooms, we went to dinner with 4 other pilgrims. En route to the restaurant we had to step aside for the neighbourhood cows to meander home. (We thought maybe they were our rare steaks being delivered.)


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