Day 11: Rest day in Viana


The Camino Rose’ Club (sorry for the poor imitation of an accent) had an urgent meeting this evening – its last for 2015. A-Irish and New-Yorker-T will be going home instead of walking further. A-Irish came to Viana in a taxi, while  New-Yorkers-J&T arrived on foot. New-Yorker-S decided to take another rest day here. I have taken a room in a pension tonight, which is great value for €24. Only one founding member of the CRC is  missing but she is likely way ahead.

Small Spanish towns tend to be deadly quiet during the day. However, this is a special Gastronomic day here in Viana and there was Basque folk dancing in the square.


The high point of the day was dinner at the highly recommended Restaurante Borgia. Fabulous meal in an unostentatious restaurant at the exorbitant price, by Camino standards, of €43/person. That was for 4 courses plus dessert and wine. It included an  artichoke dish, lobster, and filet mignon. We all agreed it was one of the best meals ever!

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