Camino 2014 is diverted from Santiago

In Carrion de Los Condes, I got a message that my father-in-law had died, one month short of his 98th birthday. (He hadn’t been the same since he fell out of a tree he was pruning at 94.) I decided that my place is with the family now – the permanent one, not the ephemeral Camino one.

So, I would walk another full day (which turned out to be that perfect day on the meseta) and a half day ending in Sahagun which has a Renfe train station. I would pass the halfway mark, having walked 400 km in 3 weeks. With 1 rest day, that was an average of 20 km/day.

I am content with the decision and will simply go on to the next activity. I considered whether I could just take a week off and then return. I could skip ahead and even join some of the people I’ve met. However, I feel that this particular journey is complete and I don’t need to cross a finish line with them.

Now I will start planning for 2015.

6 thoughts on “Camino 2014 is diverted from Santiago

  1. Safe travels back Clare. Sad to hear about your father in law. My love and well wishes to you, your family and those touched by his passing. As you say, there’ll be other Caminos. Bill

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