Cast of Camino characters

Here are some of the characters who are crossing my path these days.

You read about A who adopted my spare boots. One striking thing about her is how un-shy she is. She may not be a careful planner in some ways – she was VERY impressed with my preparation when i pulled a needed safety pin out of my bag. And remember, she forgot her boots on a walking trip! Anyway, she is a consummate people organizer. She remembers everyone’s name, brings the Korean nurse to the injured English girl, patrols the dorm to see where all her expanding family members are sleeping, makes dinner reservations, and rounds us up for the event. Organizing pilgrims is like herding cats. A has less than 2 weeks to walk and will be leaving by Burgos. She’ll be back, I’m sure, to continue another year.

J is a very empathetic Australian who has time and a kind word for all. She also has a sore knee but eschews the idea of 2 technical hiking poles, in favour of her more organic wooden pole named Georgie.


D is a retired American thinking about whether he should reinvent himself.

J, an Aussie, seems to be retired. While walking together, J and D enjoy man-talk about the woes of high maintenance women and the joys of motorcycles.


Last night J and D were nowhere to be found when dinner time approached. A had already made a dinner reservation, and informed various others among us. J thought the retired guys had the time wrong, but I had a suspicion that they didn’t come to the Camino wanting women to make dinner plans for them!

An 18-year-old fellow R is cycling from southern Germany with the use of a bicycle wheel and pedals that attach on the front of his wheelchair. He can easily average 50 km/day but needs some repairs at the moment.

Our troubadours and 21st century hippies are a lithe young Dutch beauty who towers over her current travel companion, who carries a large pack including a ukelele.

Then there is the friendly Israeli A2 who warned me last night that he snores and I should wear earplugs. He wasn’t too bad and successfully blended in with the overall symphony.


I will give no identifying information about 2 guys I could call Fart and Snore. Dorm living is rough at times. In fact, pretty much at all times!

4 thoughts on “Cast of Camino characters

  1. Quite a diverse Camino family already. I guess it is important to put some distance between your bed and those of fart and snore..Don’t know which is worse. I remember in one dorm I had to go and sleep in the kitchen to get away from the cacophony.

  2. What is your role in your new Camino family, the caring and compassionate one ? ….or the practical and pragmatic Canadian !!!

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