Camino 2014: Here’s the plan

Leave house for husband to enjoy in solitary splendour in my absence. Catch bus to airport. Fly to Bilbao. Stay overnight. Go to Guggenheim Museum. Afternoon bus to Pamplona, overnight at Albergue Curazon Puro. Get ride to St. Jean Pied de Port. Stay at Albergue Beilari where I’ll meet other pilgrims at the communal dinner. Start walking on October 15.

  • Day 1: Walk 8-10 km to either Orisson or Valcarlos.
  • Days 2-46: Carry 6 kg backpack, walk an average of 20 km/day (less in week 1). Take a few rest days.
  • Day 47: Fly home from Madrid.

That’s the plan. The reality will be documented in the posts to follow.

7 thoughts on “Camino 2014: Here’s the plan

  1. You’ve just answered my question from your last post. Am very much looking forward to hearing about your journey. A heartfelt buen camino to you.

  2. Clare,
    Do you have reservations at Orisson? If not try to make them, it fills up and Jean Jacques will turn you away if you haven’t reserved.

    • I’m aware of that situation. I am currently leaning toward the Valcarlos route, but will definitely confirm my options before leaving SJPP. That’s the beauty of being retired (for 2 days now) and having a flexible schedule!

  3. Clare,
    Not just a wee bit jealous. RE your rain gear: when you get to Pamplona or St Jean you might want to look at an Altus Atmospheric rain coat (about € 45) light weight and designed to wear over a backpack, full length sleeves, full front zip, light weight. When the rain stops it can hang like a cape over your backpack.
    Buen Camino

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