Movie reviews: Lunarcy and more

So many fab movies (many documentaries) are available on that much-maligned medium – the airplane movie screen. Many of you would think it is lunarcy to watch them in that setting.

Lunarcy looks at several individuals (all male) who are compelled to strive to go to the moon. Here’s the trailer from the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.  They are admittedly somewhat eccentric, but they seem happy like any true evangelists. The key characters included a young man who is devoting his life (at least until age 30) to try to get to the moon, a former astronaut turned artist, and a moon-real-estate developer. My happiness doesn’t rest on a grand plan like going to the moon. My aspirations reach only to getting all my drawers organized, but that seems to be enough to satisfy me. When that is done, I will take on my photos. After that, moon travel may well be available.


KKK guy on the left, film maker on the right – doing an interview 40 years later

The Last White Knight was a fascinating but discomfiting documentary about the reunion after 43 years, of a Ku Klux Klan member who had punched out a young white Canadian freedom fighter who was helping with black voter registration in 1965. (The KKK guy was the son of the man who murdered Medgar Evers.) The Canadian sought out the fellow in Mississippi after over 40 years and made this film based on interviews with the unrepentant but very cheerful and oddly likeable KKK guy. You can’t believe the words that come out of his mouth! Check this Globe and Mail review.

The third movie was another docu, Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet. He was an emerging rock star guitarist who was stricken with ALS some 20 years ago. He has survived and continued to make music electronically. Trailer for this one.