Next time we should walk to the triathlon!

The 750 m swim, 20 km bike ride, and 5 km run were the easy parts, at least for the accompanying persons!

We got off to a bad start on exiting the tight turn in the driveway. With a bicycle and 3 adults in a tiny car, visibility was not optimal and the driver’s mind was focused on the dreaded swim ahead, her weakest event.


Where did this red paint come from?


Scraped but not dented

It was a beautiful day for the St Kilda race of the Gatorade series.


In spite of a head cold and more focus on puppy training than her own, Daughter N did a very respectable time of 1:33. All was finished before 10 a.m.

Husband offered to fetch the car so the athletes wouldn’t have to walk the 15 minutes to it. (He had earlier dropped us off and found a distant parking spot.) Understand, folks, that he does not know the city and he believes that with his unerring sense of direction and memory, assistance is not needed from cell phones, GPS, pencil and paper, or ESPECIALLY his wife.

So N and I waited at the designated meeting spot for the triathlon time of 1:33 and more, when he limped pitifully up the street sans car, having walked about 10 km himself. We welcomed him with mixed emotions. Fortunately, he knew the name of the intersection where the car was (he was led astray by various people he consulted). With the help of a phone and Google maps, we found the car in 15 minutes.


The 4th leg of the triathlon. Little red car is spotted ahead.

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  1. Cha cha it is relly funny to hear about my older sibling. Finally I have a chance to read the story. Great stuff…..

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