Scary transition! iPhone to Android

Glasses are there so you can see the scale. Has nothing to do with the fact that I have to change glasses in order to read.

Tiny little iPhone on left. Honking big Galaxy Note 2 on right. My glasses are there so you can see the scale, not because I have to change glasses in order to see the controls on the camera. Note that the competitors are in agreement on the time. Also see nifty case with leash on it.

Everyone’s grandmother has an iPhone these days, so I need to step up the game to show that I am au courant. My own grandmother has been dead for some time now, and although my 90-year-old mother doesn’t have an iPhone, she does have a cell phone. Never mind that she carried it around for 3 months with no service last fall. That was my fault because I didn’t clue in to the connection between her credit card expiry and the monthly payments. The phone company sent repeated text messages but she doesn’t do texting and didn’t notice the messages. Nor did she try to make a call during those three months. After all, the phone is meant for emergencies and nothing quite qualified during that period. I digress.

So, stepping up the game… turning my back on the beloved iPhone.  Today I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I am quite certain that the rest of senior crowd will follow quickly because the main attraction is the size of the screen.

I cannot hang around refining this blog post as I need to spend the next 3000 3,000,000  hours figuring out how to use the phone for anything except phoning, which I have already mastered by successfully calling myself from the house phone. Next on the agenda is to transfer my contacts from Google. Woe is me!

Husband is happy since he gets to upgrade from an old flip phone with disconneccting back panel and problematic battery charger. Now he will have an old iPhone, as soon as I find out how to remove my iTunes stuff from it. He probably did not spend even 1 minute on the cell phone last month, but the upgrade will be handy when we travel to Australia and either one of us gets abandoned in the outback.

I am REALLY excited about my new toy, since the headaches have not started yet.

I’m off to Google “what do I do with my new Android device?” Talk to you in a few months.

6 thoughts on “Scary transition! iPhone to Android

  1. Interesting entry, and timely: D. is about to buy me a new computer, and I’m considering acquiring a smartphone as well, to replace my v. basic cellphone [does nothing else besides calls, texts and radio]. Interested to hear how the transition/ endless possibilities of your new acquisition pan out.

    • Hmmm. Are you getting an Apple computer? I have to say that the iphone is fabulous and painless. This time I wanted to try a bigger one as an all purpose travel device but it has a much steeper learning curve.

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