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Sorry to be repetitive, but the CBC radio program On the Coast has now posted links to the top-25 main contenders in the Worst Song Ever contest, and I have no other blogging inspiration. #1 has the most votes so far, for being the worst, but the contest isn’t over. The fact that I can recognize many of these songs tells us something about the demographics of CBC Radio.

I have devoted the past hour to listening (at least in part) to each of the 25, and preparing the following comments. My five most hated songs (#1, 6, 8, 15, 18) are highlighted in bold. They are songs that make me turn off the radio.

What do you think? Post a link in the comments to your nominee. If you are my brother, check out #24.

1. (You’re) Having My Baby – Paul Anka – One of my definite nominees for Worst Song.
2. McArthur Park – Richard Harris / Jim Webb – In fact, I enjoy listening it
3. Seasons in the Sun – Terry Jacks – Not so terrible. Not memorable at all, really.
4. Tip-Toe  Through The Tulips – Tiny Tim – Too memorable and interesting to be the worst.
5. Honey – Bobby  Goldsboro – Pleasantly maudlin.
6. Sometimes When We Touch – Dan Hill – I HATE this song.
7. Afternoon Delight – Starland Vocal Band – I really don’t care about this one.
8. Disco Duck – Rick Dees  – This has to be a contender, because I couldn’t even listen to it.
9. Muskrat Love –  Captain and Tenille – Its worst crime is silliness. Not a candidate.
10. Patio Lanterns – Kim Mitchell-  Boring
11. Paradise By The Dashboard Light – Meatloaf / Jim Steinman – More boring
12. Barbie Girl – Aqua – This reminds me of Katy Perry, whose appeal I don’t understand.
13.  Mandy – Barry  Manilow – Not so bad to listen to, but awful to watch.
14. Long  Haired Lover From Liverpool – Jimmy Osmond – No merit at all, so I’m not counting it.
15. Yummy Yummy Yummy – Ohio  Express – An amazingly bad song. Belongs high on the list.
16. Friday –  Rebecca Black – Another one I couldn’t watch or listen too for long
17. Escape – Rupert  Holmes – Somewhat clever lyrics so can’t be the worst.
18. Sugar  Sugar – The Archies – Another contender – something I never need to hear again.
19. Who Let The Dogs Out – Baha  Men – I’ve heard and seen many worse.
20. I Started A  Joke – Bee Gees – I am surprised that this song is here.
21. Just A Friend – Biz Markie – Bizarre and not of my era, but has merits.
22. Hooked On  A Feeling – Blue Swede – Hmmm. Not so bad if you skip the first part.
23. Never Been To Me –  Charlene – I’m indifferent.
24. Surfin’  Bird – The Trashmen – HEY! THIS REMINDS ME OF MY BROTHER IN 1963. Similar to Monster Mash (1962). Both have novelty value. And don’t forget Purple People Eater (1958)!  He used to terrorize us with these songs.
25. All I Wanna  Do – Sheryl Crow – Indifferent.

2 thoughts on “Worst songs update

  1. I can’t argue with any songs selections which made this prestigious list.

    In particular I have always disliked ” Seasons in the Sun” and “Patio Lanterns”, they are REALLY annoying songs. We have had to endure listening to them over and over due to CRTC Canadian content rules, re Canadian songs getting airplay. ( A concept I agree with) Also glad to see Cheryl Crow song on list, I also do not like that ditty.

    Off to enjoy another retirement day, in chilly Ottawa.

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