Haute cuisine on El Camino Frances

The finest restaurants in the world are at the end of a 25 km walk.

All along the pilgrimage, restaurants, bars, and pensions offer a Menu del Dia to pilgrims for a price of €8 to €12. This price includes a choice of starter such as soup, spaghetti or salad; main course of thin steak (chicken or veal), ribs or something else like trout, always served with French fries; a dessert; and either bottled water or local wine (usually a half bottle).


Some pilgrims carry food as some albergues have kitchens, but those kitchens don’t always have pots and pans! I haven’t seen anyone sporting pots on their backpacks.

We support the local (suffering) economy and our (very healthy) appetites by eating all meals out. One morning we walked 9 km before finding coffee and breakfast. That coffee, omelette and bread were the best ever!

The other day at about 5 pm we agreed that the first accommodation in the small town looked irresistible so our feet decided that’s where they would stay. The place was a little bar/restaurant with 2 rooms above that serve as a small albergue. We have a room with 2 bunk beds to ourselves, there is another room with some people that we haven’t seen, and we share a nice bathroom.

Dinner was excellent as always.


7 thoughts on “Haute cuisine on El Camino Frances

  1. “The finest restaurants in the world are at the end of a 25 km walk” should be the title of your travel book.

  2. Looks aren’t everything! After 25kms walking a pot noodle can appear appetising – but I tasted some of the best food ever from simple tavernas on the Camino Norte – especially octopus ( and that would not appeal to everyone with all those suckers). Thanks for reminding me.

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