Arrival in Tokyo

I have emerged, finally and maybe only temporarily, from a wifi-deprived existence on the other side of the world.

Arrived at Narita Airport at about 4:30 pm. Bought tickets at the obvious ticket place near Arrivals, for the Narita Express to Tokyo Station. Leaves every 30 minutes. Seats are assigned. We were directed to Track 1 and managed to find it.

The trip took about an hour. Underground at Tokyo Station was a maze. The info booth person told us to go thataway and keep walking 10 minutes underground to the O-something station, then find the Hanzo-something line, and go one stop.

We managed but it probably would have been just as fast to emerge from the station to street level, and walk. Except it was dark and the various exits span many blocks and all compass directions, so you don’t know where you are when you get out on street level. Street signs are sparse, especially in non-Japanese.

Finally we found ourselves outside Jinbocho (aka Jimbocho) Station. Unfortunately we were at exit A2 instead of A5, a couple of blocks away, so had to ask a passerby to turn us in the right direction, in English.

From that point, the detailed map from the Internet got us to the hotel.