Flight movies: Mr. Bean and others

{This was composed on a flight and saved for posting on a slow day…}

I’ve been browsing through the movies selections, planning my entertainment for the next few hours, as well as the return trip.

  • Under ‘Documentaries’ is My Perestroika, the story of 5 people from the last generation to be brought up behind the Iron Curtain in the Societ Union. That looks interesting.
  • Do you think Indecent Proposal from 1993 belongs in “Contemporary”?
  • I’ve read The Shipping News by Annie Proulx, so maybe I’ll watch it.
Johnny English

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First I’m looking at Johnny English with Rowan Atkinson(aka Mr Bean). This is a spoof on James Bond 007 etc, starring Mr Bean.I have a fond memory of sitting on the plane on a family trip to Europe in the early 1990s. I noticed our kids enraptured by the movie playing up high (this was before the seat-back screens). I looked up and saw a strange movie unfolding, put on my earphones, and was introduced to Mr Bean, in the episode “Mind the Baby.”

We were very sad when he stopped producing new episodes, and the movies were not so good. For example, I have already lost interest in this movie, Johnny English. The short episodes of Mr. Bean were perfect.

Rowan Atkinson on a Mini at Goodwood Circuit i...

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