Granite Belt in Queensland

We went on an out-of-town excursion on the weekend. This involved:
• First car rental of the trip.
• Need to drive and navigate on the wrong side of the road
• Many one-way streets
• Driver not interested in discussing with Navigator, BEFORE starting the car in motion, precisely what route would be attempted to exit the city.
• Driver does not believe a competent navigator would need to spend money on a good road map.
• It is harder to get out of a strange city than in. All roads lead IN to the city centre, but to get OUT you need a bit of a plan.

I will leave you to guess who was the designated driver and who was the navigator. Daughter was the moderating voice from the back seat.

We drove about 200 km southwest of Brisbane into the Granite Belt, specifically Girraween National Park. The area has, not surprisingly, a lot of granite…



Here is a scary chunk of granite…


And, surprisingly, there are a lot of very small wineries… all with cellar door tastings and sales.


We stayed the night in a typically-Australian “tourist park” which has everything from tent sites to RV hookups to fully-equipped cabins.


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  1. Ha! Driver / navigator conversation sounds like many I’ve also had. “Why are we driving before we know where we’re going?!?”

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