Book review: The Sea, by John Banville

“Winner of the Man Booker Prize 2005”

I wouldn’t give him any prize for this depressing book. It was certainly skillful, and the language impressive. Good vocabulary exercise, for example…

    • leporine
    • proscenium
    • declivities of my shoulders
    • concave integument below his breast-bone
    • an interior succubus
    • a clear ichor glinted
    • pharaonic nostrils [I can guess this one]

  • mephitic whiff of gas
  • of that faltering anabasis I recall
  • in another prelapsarian life

One sentence I did like – “If there is a long version of shrift then that is what I am in need of.”

The book has been described as Beckettian, which is fair warning. Toward the end, I was reading very fast just to get through it and didn’t savour it at all. Feel free to read another review or two to get a more positive opinion of the book.

It gave me an excuse to take this photo of my thumb.

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  1. Well i am going to have to read another review to get any idea of what the book is even about! A book review requires much more information please.

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