Canada Day and mail

Being Canada Day, I have some bonus time to waste on the computer. Not really – this is NOT a waste.

Last week, when the posties got back to work (Canadian traditionalists that they are), we received a milestone piece of mail – the university degree of our youngest child. There always remains a tiny little doubt about the existence of the degree until confirmation arrives. They could have faked the whole thing! With the oldest, when we arrived at the hall for the convocation ceremony, and found his name on the program, we breathed sighs of relief. The next one was so well organized that she might have gotten several degrees at once, so we were confident that at least one was certain! With the youngest, she rushed off to Australia so fast after her last exam, that we were left wondering what she might be escaping from.

A quick Google search of “fake university degrees” is somewhat disconcerting, though.

Even so, I have decided to be satisfied with the evidence. Congratulations, kids!