Testimonial for Lose-It, an iPhone app

Warning: If you don’t like diets or iPhones, STOP NOW. Don’t read any further.

Since my iPhone is pretty much my best friend, I decided to look for a diet and exercise app we could do together.   I found a free app, LOSE-IT! http://www.loseit.com/ .

When I entered some vital stats and set a goal of 5 pounds over 5 weeks, it told me I could eat only 1100 calories per day (YIKES!) unless I got exercise. An hour of moderate walking would give me another 136 calories; an hour of gardening, 177.

For about 12 weeks, every day I tracked my weight, all my food intake, and all my exercise.  The first couple of days, I’d use up my allowance by lunch time, but I soon got the hang of better planning. It was very easy and kind of fun. I think maybe my husband got a LITTLE tired of my announcing hourly exactly how many more calories I could eat. Once 5 pounds were gone I added another 5 pounds to my goal. After about 10 weeks I passed 10 pounds, and decided to stop there.

Now, I am normally counting, but if I have been naughty for a period, I’ll pull out the phone to monitor things for a few days. It is odd how “safe” I feel on days I track calories – I feel protected from the wild abandon that is always tempting me.

This diet app suited me perfectly, and shopping for clothes is MUCH more fun now.

4 thoughts on “Testimonial for Lose-It, an iPhone app

  1. I LOVE this app. The sense of control is very satisfying. I will miss it once I have reached my target weight. The one downside is that I had always considered myself to be rather attractive with a pretty nice body shape but now that I am paying close attention to my details I realise that I have been living under an illusion.

  2. Hmm —- I think that your use of words like “safe” and “protected” are worrisome. I think you must have developed optimal eating habits by now and can skip the obsessive compulsive counting. I think you need a personal trainer now.

  3. Don’t need a personal trainer – the LoseIt app can record it all, as long as I decide what exercise to do. However, a personal masseur/se might be good, as it is hard for the iPhone to do that. (Although, on reflection, perhaps in the vibrate mode…)

    I’ve been tracking this week to recover from YOUR visit. But I had an event to attend today and ate 1000 calories over my plan. I made myself record it on the bus coming home.

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