This 1978 Toyota Celica was in my husband’s life before I met him. It seems that I have outlasted it! We’re a little sentimental to see it go, but will get over it!

My favourite memories of the car were of drives to Mt. Seymour, weekend after weekend, with 5 people in the 4-person car (an extra seat belt improvised) AND all our ski equipment, clothes and lunches. We’d arrive in the parking lot, score a good spot at the front near the chairlift, and spill out of the car in relief after the squabbling during the drive. Since I couldn’t find a picture of the car, I’ve included a photo of the kids squinting into the sun on the hill. The Celica was probably nearby as we’d just had lunch.
All three of them learned to drive manual transmissions on this car – before they were allowed to try my newer (but still manual) 1999 Honda Accord.  When I occasionally drove the Celica after I had gotten used to the Accord, I was amazed that I ever drove it with comfort. For me I felt I was sitting down on the pavement trying to manoeuvre a tank through water.
Last week I posted a For Sale ad at work. By complete coincidence, a fellow was working in the garden up the street and passed our driveway a couple of times, noting the car even though there was no For Sale sign. He even talked to a neighbour and rang our doorbell but no one was home. The next day he was back and the sale was made. Now it has left the driveway. The new owner promised to bring it back to visit when it is fixed.
There it goes!

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    • The purchaser was going to restore it, which J was not interested in doing. We need the garage space for M’s old car, which is usable.

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