Movies and TV – The Black Swan

>On the flight to Toronto I watched Black Swan. I must say that I don’t believe my life or my soul have been enhanced by the experience. I was tempted to bail at about the 1/3 mark but stuck it out to the end. It goes on a list with A Clockwork Orange, Deliverance and Taxi Driver as highly-aclaimed movies that I hated watching and would not voluntarily watch again.

One movie-discovery-on-a-plane that I made last year was Carts of Darkness. (Only a few of you will appreciate the title. Comment if you do.) It was a documentary of some homeless men who practiced the extreme sport of racing grocery carts down the hills of North Vancouver. Watching that made me feel that I learned something and maybe gained a touch of compassion (unlike the aforementioned movies).  One of the characters observed about himself “Becoming an alcoholic – there’s a lot of worse things you could become.” Get the movie here

Now I have just seen American Idol, which I haven’t been following at home. (Due to the minor detail of not having cable or, now, a TV). It was a good show but that guy Paul really overdid the tooth-whitening and I am so blinded that I can’t listen to him!

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  1. >Re A.I. and blinded by the teeth – there's a new singing competition to hit the airwaves fyi – I believe the judges cannot see the contestants until after they have belted out their ode to Celine Dion.

  2. Agreed about the Black Swan. Finished it only to say I had so that I could legitimately critique it…

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