Road trip


We're on the road from Sydney but progress is slow because there are
beautiful beaches and views around every corner/curve of the road.

We have quite a collection of shells and rocks to bring home. The
photo shows me with some small acquisitions.

Last night we stayed over a pub in the town of Bega. Checked a couple
of modern motels at $115 and $125 for all the mod cons – kitchenettes,
wifi et al. However the friendly Victorian pub won out at $50 with
shared bath and no kitchen or wifi. Due to no kitchen we got to eat
pub food instead. At about midnight J decided that it was too stuffy
(and the bed was too bouncy for 2 people) so he was going to sleep in
the car. After a few snags, such as him setting off the pub security
system, he found a quiet road that was so wonderful that he took me
there in the morning to admire it. I slept fitfully in our $50 bed.

We made better progress today and are on track to arrive in or near
Melbourne tomorrow night.

Tonight we are in a wonderful motel (immaculate, with excellent shower
pressure, TV, free wifi, etc) for $85, which is not much more than
the price of a hostel for 2 ($75-85) in Sydney.

About the road trip – today I did my first shift driving on the left
side of the road. I even had to do a U-turn to check out some road
kill that turned out to be a very large koala bear – perfectly
preserved with rigor mortis just like some kangaroos we photographed
earlier in the day. I will be happy to show you these photos upon
request. (Can't send them now since they're on the other camera.)

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  1. >I enjoy your blog so much. We have longed to go to Australia as my husband's Mum was from there. We have had relatives over and that is nice. Did you have any vegiemite? When we went to England, I took a hand full of pebbles from the shimgled beach. Of all the things I brought home, I love them the most.Enjoy!

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