Prague hostels

People ask me about the hostels where I usually stay in my travels, thinking that they are full of bunks, backpackers and bedbugs. Rather, a “hostel” typically has some dorm rooms as well as other single or double rooms with/without private baths. The prices tend to be per person, no matter how many beds there are. The amenities vary and are less than a full service hotel, but sometimes they are very good.

A and N stayed in Miss Sophie’s Hostel in a 5-bed dorm room during the New Year’s period, when the prices are triple the rates of a few days later.

When I arrived, A and I stayed in a nice twin room (photo at right) with private bath. (See the view from the window.)

For the last night, I asked the hostel reception what would be available for 4 of us. Prices had dropped to their low season rates. I was considering 4-bed dorm or a “group apartment” when they offered the latter for the price of the former. (Probably because the hostel is more likely to get individual last-last-minute arrivals than a group of 4, so they kept the dorm rooms available by giving us the apartment.)

This apartment confirmed why Miss Sophie’s is one of the best-rated hostels in Prague. It must have been 700 sq ft with kitchen, bathroom and a separate bedroom.

In the end, we had to move to another very nice (but not quite so spectacular) apartment because the door lock was jamming.

I also want to put in a good word for the Prague Lion Hostel where N and I stayed before Christmas for 2 nights. It was less stylish but slightly closer to the main activities (10-minute walk instead of the 15 minutes from Miss Sophie’s). We had booked on-line and had a kitchen, private bath, and wireless internet.