Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos

We arrived here from Guayaquil on Saturday (I think) with the arrangements made from our hostel there, for a hotel and a 4-day cruise starting on Friday June 12.

We met up with a German woman travelling by herself and shared our triple room with her. Then yesterday on the street we met a German couple who currently live in Halifax. (We were near a German-run travel agency.)

Yesterday afternoon we (5, including our new friends) chartered a boat to take us on a local bay tour, including some snorkelling. Saw the famous blue-footed boobies, sea iquanas, sand sharks, sea lions, etc. Then last night we ate at a place where the street is closed for the evening and the many restaurants put their tables out, and make meals there on grills outside. Seemed to be lots of local people, as well as some tourists, and it was good value at about $7 each.

Santa Cruz is a tourist town. Our hotel was quite nice at $35 for 3. It seems that tourism is somewhat down, although our hotel happens to be fully booked tonight. We will return to it on Wednesday.

This afternoon N and I are going on a 2-day 2-night tour to Isabella Island, including a 1-hour horseback trip up a volcano. (Mosquitos, tarantulas and vipers worry me less than horses, but I expect that I can tolerate an hour on a docile horse.)

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