Day 3. Cheste to Buñol (17.5 km)

Good breakfast (included in the price) while I chatted with Fidel. He really didn’t see the point in all this walking! He thought I should stay in Buñol and see all the sights there. The funny things is, I never would have heard of Buñol if I hadn’t embarked on this walk.

Took the train back to Cheste. Walked to Hostal Restaurante El Sol to get a stamp and also confirm that the hostal is open, for others who might want to do this route. Yes, it is, but not Sundays! (Possibly, arrangements could be made in advance, but they weren’t answering their phone on Saturday, either. That was a very hectic weekend all around Valencia.)

Walked 6 km to Chiva. Popped into church for a sitdown. Saw that the Hostal Restaurante El Canario is alive and well.

Then 12 km on to Buñol, arriving esrlier than I expected.

Went straight to the Posada Venta Pilar for a menú del día. Got there about 2:30, just before the rush when every table filled up. €12 for 3 courses. The lodgings were busy too. Looks like a nice place, and I’m told they give a good rate to pilgrims.

Managed to sort out accommodation options for the next week.

It was a pleasant day.

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