Day 2. Manises to Cheste (24.8 km; I walked 28 km)

Today seemed better, from the start. I followed all my rules about breakfast, what to wear, where to put things in my pack, and left the hotel at 7:30 am, feeling good. It was a lovely day – clear and warm but not too hot. I would walk and see how the first 12 km felt, since there was a train station in Loriguilla and I could always bail there.

It went well. I felt like I was on a Camino, and could do it. Here are some animal photos for the grandchildren.

Twelve km later, Loriguilla was a lovely town. I had a hearty second breakfast – the classic juice + tortilla + café con leche, with a few olives thrown in. Then I passed Casa Señora Itziar, which was also open and busy, although the store was closed (being Sunday).

No doubt about my fortitude today. I continued on to Cheste. The Hostal Restaurant El Sol was closed (being Sunday) but no problem, I can deal with this. I called the hotel in the next town, but no answer. Called the next after that, which is where I have a reservation for tomorrow, and convinced the fellow to let me have a room for tonight too (I think they were “closed” today, too. Phone calls in Spanish are a challenge, but we reached an understanding.) Walking onward, with a stop for cerveza con limon, I found the Cheste train station and successfully bought a ticket from the machine.

A little train trip, 10 minutes walk, and I arrived at the Hotel Condes de Bruñol – my home for 2 days. The owner, Fidel, didn’t have his usual staff on duty today. Fun fact: He was born 75 years ago in that very building.

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