Changing blog Appearance/Theme – now using WordPress Imbalance 2

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I posted a very similar message yesterday and managed to delete it inadvertently today. It’s a problem I have remembering how my iPhone and computer and the WordPress site all work together (or don’t). So I apologize if you are one of my thousands of subscribers (LOL) and are getting another email for virtually the same post.

As you can see from my Home page, I have made some changes. What you can’t see, is how painful it has been. Now that it is done, though, it would be fairly easy to change back if you tell me this is a big mistake. But I want you to give it a proper chance, first.

Before I deleted the original post, I got one comment which was not highly positive. Another in-person comment wondered if I couldn’t make all the featured photos on the home page the same size. This new post doesn’t have a featured photo. Is that a bad or good thing?

Of course everyone has ideas about what detail to change, but I am NOT doing customization. I am just using off-the-shelf free themes and there are limits on what I can change. (And I find myself spending hours to learn where those limits are.)

I would appreciate any feedback on the new look.

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